Felicia Value, La Conner, Wash.
Felicia Value, Attorney at Law

What I Do

What I Do. I work for all kinds of people: married, single, and domestic partners;  younger and older, wealthy and not so wealthy.

In my probate practice, I help heirs and beneficiaries wrap up the business and finances of  decedents. Transferring ownership of property to beneficiaries may or may not require a full-blown probate. That depends on what the decedent owned, what it was worth, and how it was titled. Despite the horror stories, probate doesnít have to be an expensive nightmare. Washington has one of the easiest and least expensive probate processes in the country.

I assist trustees in trust administration. That can mean a short period in which assets are transferred from a decedentís trust to beneficiaries, and the trust is terminated. It can also be an ongoing process in which a trustee manages a trust for beneficiaries over a period of years.

In my estate planning practice, I help people plan the best way to leave their assets to the people or organizations they choose. Depending on the client, this may call for a Will, a trust, a community property agreement, or joint ownership. There are many ways to pass property at death. Different ways fit different situations.

I strongly urge clients to also prepare for incapacity by creating a Durable Power of Attorney for finances; a Durable Power of Attorney for health care; and a Health Care Directive, or Living Will. These documents ensure that, if you are disabled, your wishes will be carried out by the people you choose.

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